Francesco Roberto Dani


PySCCat is an open-source software instrument for music performance and improvisation by means of concatenative synthesis technique, created to satisfy the lack of a full open-source instrument that allows an extensive use of this sound synthesis technique in live performance and music improvisation. It aims to provide the musician with an environment for the usage of this sound synthesis technique, specifically designed for a rapid and parallel control over multiple layers of synthesis to allow a real-time dynamic creation of complex sound structures in an easy way. Particular attention is posed in the creation of the instrument to reach a high level of control of the timbre by giving the possibility to work with up to 5 dimensions of control over it. Up to 16 parallel instances of concatenative synthesis also allow the creation of very complex sound structures in real-time. Please refer to my Master Thesis for a full documentation about this software. PySCCat is free software, so you can download and use it. PySCCat source code is hosted on GitHub at THIS LINK.